Stop Termites in Their Tracks

Get termite control services in Katy, TX

Termites can be downright scary. They can chew their way through your wood furniture, flooring and framing at a rapid rate, causing thousands of dollars in damage.

Fortunately, The Bug Reaper provides termite control services in the Katy, TX area. Our team can use termiticides and bait stations to remove every last termite from your house or commercial building. Call now to schedule fast, reliable pest control services.

Learn the signs of a termite infestation

The Bug Reaper specializes in residential and commercial termite control services. You should give us a call if you spot:

  • Shelter tubes
  • Sagging floors
  • Holes in wooden furniture
  • Piles of termite pellets
  • Tint termite wings
Reach out right away to arrange for pest control services in Katy, TX. We'll remove termites quickly to save you a ton of money on home repairs.