Stop Insects in Their Tracks

Turn to a commercial pest control company serving the Katy, TX area

We'll keep the creepy-crawlies away from your business. The Bug Reaper offers commercial pest control services in Katy, TX. The last thing you want to deal with is a bug army attracting the attention of your patrons. Our commercial pest control company will customize our service to meet the needs of your workplace.

Got bugs in your restaurant or bats in your belfry? Arrange for commercial pest control services by calling us at 281-395-2847 now.

Keep pests from taking over your place of business

We have experience providing commercial pest control services for:

  • Restaurants and grocery stores
  • Hospitals and apartment complexes
  • Storage facilities and hotels
Whether you need one-time treatment or regular pest control services, we've got you covered. Contact a helpful member of our commercial pest control company to arrange for an on-site visit.